Tools of the Trade: Limited Edition BELLAMI Clutch Makeup Brush Sets

Every makeup addict needs a professional grade set of makeup brushes to play with and create beautiful looks! That's why BELLAMI Hair released three different limited edition makeup brush sets for our lovely Bellas to choose from.

Each set features a variety of brushes made for a specific glamification purpose! Not only that but, the brushes are cruelty free and come with a unique carry case to keep all the brushes stored away neatly when not in use. We're going to break it down so you know which of these amazing kits is the best choice for your makeup application needs. 


This set is perfect for all the contour queens out there! With synthetic bristles, these brushes were designed to evenly and smoothly deposit the maximum amount of product -- without soaking into the brush itself! With this set your makeup will go a long way! 


Every type of brush you could ever dream of to create dramatic to soft eye makeup looks is included in this set. The light weight aluminum handle allows for ease of application. There are also essential brushes for applying concealer, foundation and powders -- so you can have it all! 


This set is meant for the dedicated makeup fanatic! Our broadest selection of makeup brushes is tucked away in this professional travel case. Contouring, eye makeup, powder application and so much more can be done with the expansive set in tow! The bristles are made from luxurious goat hair and the handle is a polished wood for a comfortable grip. 

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