BELLAMI Hair Extensions: What's The Difference?

When you enter the wondrous world of clip-in hair extensions there are so many options and so many decisions to make. The most important is how long and how many grams. This is how you will achieve your desired look that is perfect for your hair type. Let's get started!

Piccolina: 120 grams, 18 inches long

 Photo Credit: @ssssamanthaa

Photo Credit: @ssssamanthaa

Lightweight, casual and perfect for everyday describes this set of extensions. Our essential for a lazy Sunday or a day at the office. This set is perfect for fine or thin hair types and will blend effortlessly. We created this range for girls who want to add some lightweight volume to their hair and a length that is significant but not as dramatic as our other sets. You will receive 7 pieces total to create your go-to hairstyle. 

Bambina: 160grams, 20 inches long

Another stunning option for fine or thin hair types, this set gives you the same relaxed wear with some added length for a touch of glamour. You also receive more volume with 10 pieces which provides you with more versatility. A way to start out if you are new to hair extensions.

Kylie Hair Kouture: 180 grams, 20 inches long

These clip-in extensions are not only long and voluminous but a true innovation in hair extensions with our InvisiWeft technology. This eliminates the bulk of traditional hair extensions so that they lay flat and are virtually undetectable. Shedding is also decreased so your extensions last longer. Available in our standard colors and Teal Ombre for ladies who want to embrace Kylie's bold boho mermaid hair. Suitable for all hair types, each set includes a brush to comb out any tangles and 10 pieces are included for ultimate customization to your look. 

Bellissima: 220grams, 22 inches long

Up the glam factor with these super long and thick extensions. 22 inches will give you the dramatic length your heart desires along with 10 pieces to create your ideal volume. One of our most beloved sets, did you know that BELLAMI was one of the first brands to release clip-in extensions in this length. Perfect for thick hair types but any hair type can work the magic of this set. Just adjust the amount of wefts you use for the most natural and comfortable blending.

BELLAMI Balayage by Guy Tang

If you want to add dimension or find the perfect match for your ombre hair this will be your go-to set. Available in 160 grams and 220 grams you will find the color combination suited for your unique blend. Each box includes 10 pieces and a ergonomically designed detangler brush perfect for maintaining your extensions!

Magnifica: 240grams, 24 inches long

If you're going for the Rapunzel effect this set will be a dream come true! A stunning 24 inches makes this range our longest yet without compromising volume. Let down your long hair and make the world do a double take. Each set comes with 10 pieces and girls with naturally thick and long hair can finally add more vavavoom with this luxurious range. 

Lilly Hair: 260 grams, 20 inches long

Ghalichi Glam is not complete without Big Hair. Turn up the volume with 260grams and a teasing comb and you'll be on your way to rocking Lilly's signature goddess locks. This range is perfection for ladies with naturally thick and coarse hair. Each box includes a hair hanger and carrier for your jet setter lifestyle, its also the perfect way to store your extensions after a glamorous night out on the town. So much hair, so many possibilities.


We hope this helped you narrow down your decision. For more hairspiration visit us on social media and do let us know what you choose in a comment below!