The Secret Life of a BELLAMI Bella

Clip-in extensions are a trend that gets hotter by the day. They are a best kept beauty essential of the Hollywood elite, beauty blogging fashionistas and the everyday ladies who crave a touch of glam. Find out how to put your best hair forward with BELLAMI!

Hide Hair Blunders

Are you a victim of a bad haircut, thinning locks or chemical damage from bleaching or coloring? Investing in clip-ins is a quick, damage free way to hide while healing. Focus on restoring your hair to good health while we make a beautiful first impression. If your hair is chin length or longer you can work the magic of extensions.

 Photo Courtesy of Cara Loren

Photo Courtesy of Cara Loren

Be A Tease                                                                    A woman's biggest fear is to lose her weave in public! We have the perfect tip for you. Using a comb, tease the hair upwards from the root. Next, spray the hair with Blow Mi: Dry Shampoo to create a gritty texture that the clips will easily grip to. Teasing adds volume and will offer you that added security if you have a silky or fine hair texture. For some added volume we suggest using Lift Mi: Volume + Texture Powder, a little goes a long way when created that teased tousled look you seek!

A Hair's Best Friend
If you want longer, thicker locks you can make BELLAMI work for you! We have sets of different lengths and thickness so you can customize your experience to your hair needs! With our multi-faceted technology, our colors will blend with the tones in your natural hair for the perfect match! Because BELLAMIS  are 100% human hair you can color them darker, use heat, and wash them. Never use bleach on your BELLAMIS, and always use a heat protectant, like Protect Mi: Thermal Styling Spray, and wash them as rarely as possible to keep them healthy and shiny for longer! When we wash our BELLAMIS we like using French Kiss Mi: Shampoo and Conditioner.

Beach Babe Waves
Everyone wants to know how unleash their inner glamazon and it's all about how you style your extensions! Straight is sleek and modern but tousled waves are playful and flirty! Invest in a clipless curling wand, like our 6-in-1 Complete Curler Set, and wrap 1 inch sections away from your face to perfect a look that looks truly effortless.

                     Photo Courtesy of  Nicole Guerriero 

                    Photo Courtesy of Nicole Guerriero 

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 Always remember, hair is a woman's best accessory so don't settle for anything less than BELLAMI Hair!