How to Care for Your BELLAMI Hair

Every year, worldwide, 86.5% of woman seek professional treatment to remedy thinning hair. Many women find their hair is flat, dull or lifeless, while others just have trouble growing out the length of their hair. Clip-in hair extensions are a very popular solution to these issues. Maintenance and upkeep are vital in prolonging the life of your Bellamis!

Styling Your Bellami Hair

Use styling tools on the lowest heat possible. Look for tools that offer different heat settings, like our BELLAMI Complete 6 In 1 Curler Set or Runway Flat Styler.

Using a thermal protective spray before using any hot tools on your own hair or Bellamis is important as well, our Protect Mi: Thermal Styling Spray protects your hair or Bellamis from the daily heat related battles you put it through. 

Washing Your Bellamis

Gently brush out any tangles using a detangling brush made for extensions, for example, our Bellami Detangler BrushesBrush in sections starting at the bottom and moving up.

Wash with a gentle shampoo made for hair extensions. Our French Kiss Mi: French Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner set is formulated for use on your own hair and Bellamis, hydrating them with moisture, leaving them cleansed, soft, and silky smooth.

Use a small amount of leave-in conditioner to reduce tangles.

Blot extensions with a towel and allow to air dry.

Storing Your Bellamis

Once thoroughly dry, store your Bellamis safely with a hanger and carrier case when not in use. This keeps them from becoming tangled and protects them the elements, keeping them clean and increases longevity!

Talk To A Professional

A little professional advice never hurt! Ask your hairstylist to go over how to style your Bellamis, even if you've done it yourself for years. The stylist may be able to show you shortcuts, tricks and help blend your Bellamis flawlessly with your natural hair. 

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