What's in a name you might ask?

BELLAMI is derived from the Italian phrase 'My Beautiful' or 'Beautiful Me' this is really at the heart of what BELLAMI stands for the “Beautiful Me” inside us all. Our mission has always been to make every woman feel beautiful and be able to express her beauty to the world. We are all born with a unique point of view and with so much to offer but loving who you are inside and out is the key to achieving your dreams. A BELLAMI Bella is whoever you want to be and is the definition of elegance, poise and iconic beauty.

Being a BELLAMI Bella opens up the ability to express your femininity with glamorous hair, fashionable outfits and everything that makes being a girl so much fun. You have the ability to transform yourself into anything you desire and all you have to do is clip-in some confidence and the world is at your fingertips. Travel the world, fall in love and embrace the beauty inside you and all around you.

BELLAMI is classic, timeless and never goes out of style because it is the sparkle in your eye, the flutter in your heart when you know what you truly want and the gift of knowing what you are worth. A BELLAMI Bella is a friend of ours forever and we hope you join us today. Be passionate about the life you lead and love the hair you wear.