Fall Fixes

Hey there beautiful Bellas! Autumn time is finally here, and we would like to share some tips and tricks on how to overcome common fall time hair problems we all run into! As many of you may know, we recently released our exclusive hair care line! Our hair care line features beautiful botanicals, rich argan oil, and exotic extracts which make them the perfect Fall Fixes!

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Our Blow Mi dry shampoo is a staple within our hair care line, made for those in between wash days! Everyday washing may actually cause more harm rather than help, and the cruel reality is that your hair loses much more moisture during the fall and winter time. Not to worry loves, just spray and instantly have renewed locks full of soft volume! This product is always great to have at hand when applying your Bellamis too! After teasing, feel free to spray some of your Blow Mi onto the teased section, we do this to provide extra grip for the clip! Rough autumn breeze has left your hair frizzy and out of place? You will be blown away with our Blow Mi dry shampoo! Which has the ability to hold your Bellami’s style against the cool autumn breeze.


French Kiss Mi: French Argan Oil Masque - $14.99

This luxurious moisture treatment is the perfect start to your French love affair! Fortified with rich shea butter and argan oil, this treatment will feel like a pampering experience for your Bellamis! It works to strengthen, add shine, and hydrate dry hair! Just apply a generous amount and let penetrate into the hair for 5-10 minutes, to reveal healthier hair! Let the Vitamin E enriched argan oil results sweep you off your feet, and enjoy guilt free gorgeous hair! Use once a week, or until hair improves, and we promise that it will never let you down!


Don’t Leave Mi Leave-in Conditioner - $14.99

Trust us when we say, we will never leave you…and neither will our Don’t Leave Mi Leave-in Conditioner! Beautiful green tea, aloe, and silk amino acids help rebuild broken hair strands. It’s great to use while hair is still damp, our lightweight detangling formula ensures great shine without weighing your Bellamis down! What is not to love when this product is here to strengthen and smooth with every spritz! Don’t Leave Mi will always have your back and undo everyday damage done to your hair! Remember loves, seasons may change, but Don’t Leave Mi is forever!